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Menstrual Cups?! My Honest Opinion

I hated sanitary napkins, capital H-A-T-E. They felt like pampers for my parts and some brands were super itchy. From the awful age of 14 (yup late bloomer) until my age of enlightenment (18),I dreaded that time of the month where for that one week I had to arm myself with those mini pillows 😣😖😩.… Continue reading Menstrual Cups?! My Honest Opinion


My First Protective Style-Faux Locs

This year I decided within myself to broaden my horizons and try different styles with my hair. After some serious research I chose faux locs because my hair would be completely protected from the elements. Hair Preparation The day before installation, I prepared my natural hair for the five weeks rest it was about to… Continue reading My First Protective Style-Faux Locs